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Amnesty Weekly Lottery players help create a better world

Every time you play our lottery, you’re helping to protect human rights.

Playing our lottery is a win-win! You could win a fantastic cash prize up to £10,000 and you’re helping humanity to win too. People who have been unfairly imprisoned are released and reunited with their loved ones. Torturers are brought to justice. Governments are persuaded to change their laws.

Our human rights wins are only possible thanks to you and other kind supporters. And those wins provide freedom, justice and safety for people all over the world.

A big win for Virginia Laparra

Your support really can help humanity win. Virginia Laparra was imprisoned simply for doing her job as Head of the Special Prosecutor’s Unit Against Impunity in Guatemala. For over a decade she successfully worked in disbanding multiple criminal networks and arresting dozens of politicians, military officers and business leaders who had previously been considered untouchable. But in February 2022 she was arrested and detained as she was leaving her office. In December 2022, Virginia was sentenced to four years in prison for the crime of ‘abuse of authority’, following a trial plagued with irregularities and violations of her human rights.

But great news, Virginia was released from prison on 3 January 2024! It’s only thanks to support from people like you that we were able to campaign for Virginia Laparra’s freedom. Her release is a step towards ending the human rights violations she has faced in retaliation for her work. Your continued Amnesty Weekly Lottery entries can help make sure life-changing victories like this continue – thank you.

Virginia continues to face unjust convictions and an unfounded retrial. Amnesty International UK depends on the generosity of people like you to fund our ongoing fight for human rights. Please help humanity win by playing the Amnesty Weekly Lottery.

Zimbabwean activists Cecillia Chimbiri and Joanah Mamombe were arrested and abducted in 2020 following a peaceful protest about the government’s failure to provide social protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were arbitrarily arrested following the protest in Harare, taken to a police station, and forcibly driven out of the city to a place where they were beaten and sexually assaulted.

While still hospitalised, they were charged with offences related to the protest and later charged with faking their ordeal.

As part of our Write for Rights campaign in 2022, supporters like you took action to demand justice. In July 2023, Joanah and Cecillia were finally acquitted.

“Thank you so much to our Amnesty International friends for writing all these letters. We are now beginning our journey to heal.” - Joanah Mamombe