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Plus you could win up to £10,000 in our annual Superdraw!

Sally won £10,000 in our annual superdraw!

“It was so amazing to be told that I'd won the top prize in the annual Amnesty Superdraw – made all the more special as the phone call came on my birthday! Over the years I've bought the lottery tickets as a way of donating to Amnesty, and if I can also persuade others to buy them, then I believe it's an excellent way of publicising Amnesty's vital human rights work. I feel extremely lucky and grateful to receive this money.”

Anna won £1,000!

“Well I can’t quite believe that I had the winning number last week! I definitely never expected that. Thanks so much for holding this lottery. I feel really happy that I’ve been able to invest a small regular amount of money into a very worthwhile cause, with no real expectation of winning something, so it’s been a super amazing surprise to receive the cheque in the post, and just at a time when I really needed it! I’m feeling very grateful, thank you Amnesty!”

- Anna, £1,000 Winner

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You could win £10,000 and help humanity win too!

£1 is all it takes to enter the Amnesty Weekly Lottery. And you could turn that £1 into £1,000, or even £10,000 in our annual Superdraw!

That could mean a dream holiday, a new car or a chance to treat your nearest and dearest.

By taking part, you could help people in similar situations to Bernardo Caal Xol. He was wrongly imprisoned for four years. Why? He spoke out against the destruction of the river Cahabón in north-central Guatemala and defended the rights of the Maya Q'eqchi' Indigenous community. Thousands of you participated in Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign, demanding his release and showing your solidarity with Bernardo. Bernardo was finally reunited with his loved ones and has shared how supported he felt by the solidarity shown by Amnesty supporters all over the world.

Enter the Amnesty Weekly Lottery today! You could win a cash prize and freedom for more people like Bernardo.

Chris won the Amnesty Lottery twice!

"I play the Amnesty weekly draw to support all the great work the organisation does. This is the second time in little over a year that I have won 50 pounds in it, which is a nice bonus - and it shows how well the draw works."

Chris, £50 Winner

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Last year in 2023, proceeds from the Amnesty Weekly Lottery (including the Superdraw) totalled £517,399. We spent 70.49% of that on human rights work and raising further funds, 14.81% on prizes and 14.70% on running the lottery.

With 84 cash prizes available to win each week, we estimate that a huge 48.39% of Amnesty Weekly Lottery players will win a cash prize over the course of the year.