Weekly Lottery

Just £1 can help save lives

A pound is all it takes to play our lottery – giving you the chance to turn that £1 into £1,000, or even £10,000 in our annual super draw. That could mean a dream holiday, a new car or a chance to treat your nearest and dearest.

More importantly, your pound will be hard at work defending people all around the world who are denied justice or freedom.

It will help us campaign to free people unfairly imprisoned – people like Moses Akatugba. Moses was just 16 years old when he was arrested in Nigeria for allegedly stealing mobile phones. He was convicted based on ‘confessions’ obtained through torture and sentenced to death by hanging. We campaigned hard for Moses’ freedom and were delighted when he was released in May 2015.

With your help, we can keep campaigning for those who don’t have a voice of their own.
Moses Akatugba

Amnesty International members and activists are my heroes

Moses Akatugba

Weekly Prizes

1st Prize £1,000
2nd Prize £100
3rd Prize £50
4th Prize £25 x 2
5th Prize £10 x 10

and an annual super draw prize of